Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Saga of Sesame

SESAME is a Camano 31 (#130)

After 60 years of sailing, we have gone to the "dark side" and purchased a Camano 31 trawler. She is only 28 feet on deck (and was called a "Camano 28" for a few years before some clever sales consultant decided to count the swim platform and anchor roller). The boats are also known as Camano Trolls. They are built in the Pacific Northwest. (

We went down the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) two years ago on our last sailboat, a Nonsuch 30, and are about to head out to do the ICW this fall and winter on the new boat. Tentative plans call for us to spend some time in the Chesapeake Bay on the way down where we'll have a little work done on the boat by the resident Camano guru. We will be in Beaufort, NC around November 1 (the supposed end of the hurricane season according to our insurance company). Then we'll wend our way down the ICW to the canal across Florida at Lake Okeechobee, head up to Sarasota, down to the Keys, back up to the Miami area, across to the Abacos (mid to late March), and then back home. We will not be on any schedule and will spend lots of time at anchor in places we like. We'll also rent a car wherever we are and head to our daughter's house in Kissimmee for a week or so at both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our son and family will fly down to join us for Thanksgiving. Sean's sons will meet their new Cousin Michael for the first time then.

Max and Simon with
Grammie aboard

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