Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Connecticut to Key West and Return

What follows is a record of our cruise to Key West and back between September 2006 and June 2007 aboard our Camano Troll (a.k.a.: Camano 28 or Camano 31) a small semi-displacement trawler built in British Columbia. As with most blogs, it is arranged backwards, with the most recent entry being on top and the oldest on the bottom.

Although it is entitled a "Saga", we went to great lengths to avoid any adventures, primarily by refusing to set a fixed schedule or itinerary. The great majority of the trip was in the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW). For more pictures, see the albums on our Webshots site (link on right side of page).

We were aboard from mid-September to mid-June and were underway (moving) for a total of 102 days, logging a total of 3,917.8 nautical miles (4,505.5 statute miles). The longest day trip was 82.8 nautical miles (95.2 statute miles) and the shortest was under a mile. We put 959 hours on the engine (including time spent charging the batteries while at anchor or on a mooring) and used 2,193 gallons of diesel fuel for a total cost of $5,732. The least expensive fuel was in North Carolina ($2.20/gallon) and the most expensive, of course, at Brewers in Manhassett, Long Island, New York ($3.61/gallon). Most of the time, we plugged along at 7 - 8 knots (the most fuel-efficient speed), but we picked it up to 12 when we were anxious to get somewhere and the budget permitted. The majority of the nights were spent at anchor (160), although we also moored (27), used free docks (16), and actually paid for dock space a few times (65).