Monday, March 03, 2008

Abaco VI: It's Not ALL Paradise

Now that we've been here for a couple of months, we've seen a lot of things. Most of it has been wonderful. Some of it has been slightly challenging. Every day is a new day with new experiences, most of them very relaxing. We've gone back to a few of the places we enjoyed in our first tour a few weeks ago as we become aware of the fact that we have to start thinking of heading back. The distances are all very short in Abaco so, with the exception of some weather problems sometimes closing off The Whale Passage, it's easy to get to one end of the Abacos to the other in a short day.

You DO have to know what you're doing, keep your eyes open and keep your boat in good shape. We cruised past a couple of boats which had some navigation, mechanical and/or weather problems.
The fronts blow in about once a week, almost like they are on a schedule. One of them produced a waterspout near Great Guana as we were heading through The Whale a week or so ago. (It was a little too far away for us to take a picture, so I borrowed this one.)
We had a few major downpours, some of them including a bit of wind. Except for a couple of rain showers, so far all of the bad weather was when we were snugly tucked into a harbor. (We do carefully check the forecast every morning and don't move unless we are sure of fair weather.)
But none of them lasted very long and Paradise returned very quickly in all its glory.
Even the dolphins seem to know that they live somewhere special.
The Johnston Studio at Little Harbour shows the contrasts and variety of the islands and cays (and the world), from the idealistic mermaids and nudes, to realistic wildlife, to the agonies of the Holocaust and the cruelty (as well as the joys) of nature.
Abaco is a very special place.
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