Monday, February 22, 2010

Great Guana

Great Guana Cay is the most sparsely populated of the larger cays and its protected Settlement Harbour is quite small and almost filled by the Orchid Bay Marina.  Just north of the settlement is Fishers Bay which is open to the northwest.   It has a number of rental moorings as well as plenty of room to anchor.

There is a dinghy dock at Grabbers which serves a drink called, of course, a frozen Grabber.  They serve meals, including a decent pizza according to the Admiral.

There was a ray fish relaxing next to the dock when we came in.
Fishers Bay and Sesame from Grabbers.

Grabbers is famous for the sunsets that you can see from its beach.
The houses are painted in the familiar pastels of the other cays, but are quite simple with minimal landscaping.
The sunsets are justly famous from the anchorage as well. The sunrises are not too shabby either.
The captain took a dinghy ride up to the north end of the cay which has been taken over by a new development called Bakers Bay Marina and Resort. It is a complex of canals and acres and acres of empty landfill and bulkheads waiting for zillionaires to build their castles.  The most prominent feature is the 200 foot private yacht named April Fool (a friend wrote that the owner is Sandy Weil, who was CEO of Travelers and then City Group -- doesn't that mean that we all own a piece of the boat through bail-out funds?), 6 or 7 large houses, a large "club" building and many empty docks and slips.
Bakers Bay and April Fool, listed as one of the world's largest 100 private yachts.

Further north is what looks like a resort with private cottages with canvas roofs and a beach with lots of water toys on it.

The beaches along this area used to be very popular with both cruisers and locals but are now guarded so that the general public will not sully them even though they are virtually empty.

There are many caves, large and small, that the waves have carved into the relatively soft coral.
This is Fishers Bay looking southeast toward Grabbers. (Sesame is to the left.)
Fishers Bay

The major goal for most tourists on Great Guana, is Nippers.  Just follow the signs to the top of the hill overlooking the ocean.

On Sundays, Nippers has an all-you-can-eat Pig Roast which we haven't tried before.  DELICIOUS!  Dinner with a frozen Nipper or two calls for a very early bedtime!

Nippers has its own beautiful ocean beach and reef.
The Captain had agreed to act as a photo boat for a shoot for Island Packet boats so we ran back to our slip in Marsh Harbour early in the morning, only to find that the photo shoot had been postponed because of bad weather.  It was just as well since the forecast had unexpectedly turned nasty for a few days anyway.  So we'll relax here with our shore showers, electricity, cable TV, etc. for a few days and hope for some nice weather to do some relaxing off a few beaches and in some nice harbors.

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