Sunday, March 21, 2010

Final Circuit: Hopetown, Little Harbour, and Back to The Whale


Back to Hopetown for Heritage Day, complete with a little speech and presentation by Vernon Malone and all kinds of local food including stuffed lobster (crayfish) tails.

There are at least 4 variations of the exciting crab races.  In all of them, you pick your number and pay $2.  If you have the winning hermit crab, you get $1 for each contestant in the particular race.  The profit goes to charity.
Outside the harbor, they had Bahama dinghy races.  It was early in their season so there were only 3 boats out.  One was sailed by a friend from Connecticut who "winters" in Florida and Hopetown.  Another was sailed by a guy with his golden retriever. 
They also raced Sunfish sailboats.

Little Harbour
 Little Harbour is one of the most relaxing spots in Abaco with a well-protected anchorage.  We love the gallery and Pete's Pub.  The only real problem there is that you cannot get provisions for the boat.

We met some friends there who had anchored a couple of miles away and came in by dinghy for some beach combing, a couple of drinks, and lunch.

Pete was back at work in the workshop and forge after some shoulder surgery in the States.  He claimed that this work was for therapy.
There were some paintings in the gallery which were pretty impressive including this one of a large Bahama dinghy.

Another sculpture probably by Randolph.  I do not know the title.

On the way back north, we anchored off "Farside" on Tilloo Cay.  It has 5 bedrooms, 6 baths, a hanger for your plane, and a dock for a 80' vessel.  If you would like to buy it, we'd be happy to pay to rent part of the dock from you for the winters to help you defray your expenses.
Farside: $4,850,000
 The sunrises come free with the house.
Tilloo Sunrise


We went back to Marsh Harbour briefly for fuel, water, and a few groceries before heading "Through the Whale" to get back to northern Abaco so that we could stage to go back to the U.S.  We took a long walk and saw "The Castle" which I think was built by a rich American with delusions of grandeur.  It does have a pretty impressive view I would think!

On our way back through The Whale, we decided to detour past "The Nutty Mermaid" at Leisure Lee where we had spent a week with The Admiral's sister, her husband, and her mother-in-law.  A great spot and looks terrific from Abaco Sound too!

We also went by the marina in Treasure Cay and through the mooring field and anchorage.

And onward past Don't Rock and the Don't Rock Passage inside Whale Cay toward Green Turtle Cay.

The next episode will include the Skipper's snorkeling trip aboard Brendal's Dive Boat from White Sound in Green Turtle Cay.  We hope that the following chapter will come from the U.S.A., the weather gods permitting.  We plan a two day passage to West End, anchoring at Great Sale Cay (no civilization or communication) the first night.  Hopefully we will spend only one night at West End ($$$$$) and transit the Gulf Stream and Florida Straits (60 miles) the next day to St. Lucy or Lake Worth, Florida.

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