Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Home Again!

We went from Chesapeake City to Sunset Lake, just beyond Cape May, NJ on the ICW. From there we anchored near the east end of Barnegat Bay, but moved to the Metedeconk River the next morning to wait out a northerly which promised to make the trip across to New York City rather miserable. Once we got to New Jersey, The Admiral could smell home and demanded that we get home ASAP! In sections of the New Jersey ICW, we opened her up to 3400 RPM. The GPS picture shows what happens in a relatively calm sea with a good favorable current and a total disregard for fuel efficiency. (Yes, that's knots, not statute miles per hour.)
The last four times we went through New York's East River, we had to go the wrong side of Roosevelt Island so that we couldn't terrorize the United Nations on our 28-foot boat (with the sailboat, this added the complication of an opening bridge along the way). This time they let us go by the UN. I guess the powers-that-be finally realized that the bad guys are angry with the US, not the UN. Maybe one of them even remembered his 4th grade social studies class where he was taught that the UN isn't even technically on US soil! [Have the terrorists won? The major landmarks in Washington, DC are all partially obscured by New Jersey barriers and snow fences. There is a long wait to get into the Air and Space Museum, because everyone has to go through a single metal detector. At the Hirshorn Art Museum, on the other had, there is a guard at a small table who sticks a small wooden baton into purse and backpacks before you can see the artwork. Is an obsolete airplane more valuable than a priceless painting?]We went all the way from the Metedneconk to The Sand Hole on Lloyd's Neck on Long Island.
Long Island Sound was a millpond. But we were in no rush because we had to wait for the tide to come in enough for us to get into our mooring in North Cove, Saybrook.

I even remembered to take the obligatory final picture for anyone who is returning to the Connecticut River after any length of time away.
So, the plan is to stick close to home this summer while The Captain rebuilds the boat to The Admiral's specifications before we head south again: stove with oven, wood floor to replace present carpet, adaptations of various storage areas, etc. We'll take the grandchildren out for a week or so and maybe get as far as Nantucket. (We're still planning on Maine and the Great Lakes at some point in the future.) We'll get our doctors and dentists to try to put our used and abused bodies back together again for another trip. We'll dream about getting to the Bahamas. (This time, we'll try earlier in the season.)

It was a great trip and we both look forward to doing it again. We've still got lots of places we haven't seen or would like to explore more completely.

Allen and Judy
Camano Troll "Sesame"

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